SCO files Chapter 11
I know I'm late to this game, but I just wanted to drop a slightly personal note here. Almost five months ago I was being interviewed for a possible position in an organization. There were four men in the room, myself and three others who were there to conduct the interview. Near the end, during a more informal part, I happened to mention that I was involved in Open Source projects on the side. As a result of my statement one of the interviewers asked me where I placed myself on the 'Linux Fanatic Scale' (1 to 10). Despite the feeling that he was baiting me, I mentioned I felt I would place myself at a 5. I do not consider myself a fanatic - just a fan.
After this explanation of where I thought I belonged on his 'Linux Fanatic Scale' I found out who I was talking to. I asked him what his motivation was for asking his question, and he responded with the statement, "I was just wondering because I'm the chairman of SCO." After relocating my jaw from the floor to where it belonged on my face, I mentioned that I had heard of SCO and was curious why he was attacking Linux users. The conversation went downhill from there since he couldn't seem to decide if he wanted to insult me or merely have pity on my obviously incorrect understanding. While I, on the other hand, couldn't decide how much I wanted to 'be my best' for the interview or take this chance-of-a-lifetime to go a round in the ring.
In the end I think both he and I tried to be kind but not give any ground. That's a difficult thing to do since the ground was overlapping before we even met. However, at the end of the conversation we were able to agree on one thing. We agreed that he would sell me one of the executive's chairs if SCO ever went out of business. I know they're not going anywhere (they're too big, and the definition of 'SCO' is arguable anyway), but that chair sure would fetch a nice little price on EBay.
BTW - The interviewer I bandied with was Ralph Yarro.