Remind and Wyrd
So, another semester at college is starting in a few weeks and that means: let's try to find an application that helps me organize my schedule! I really don't remember how I first found Remind. Wyrd came along after finding the 43Folders page on applications that work with Remind. Remind (but not Wyrd), in classic *nix fashion, plays really nicely with other applications.
As far as config options goes, Remind is a Grand Canyon of possibilities with Wyrd coming in a close second only by hanging on Remind's coat-tails. In fact, if you enjoy long and option-full programs, Remind would fit the bill nicely. With the man page coming in at 2333 lines you can imagine the amount of configuration and flexibility this program would have. It'll be interesting, when I start using it, to see just how much of that I regularly use.
Speaking of regularly using - Wyrd will be used just as much as Remind. In addition to the easy to navigate display of events it also has a fully-configurable set of hotkeys that, for the little that I've used them, seem to work a lot like Vim. There happen to be two things that I like best about Wyrd right from the start. The first is the fact that it's written in OCaml. The second is that the developer took the time to make a well-orchestrated SWF file that walks through some sample uses. It just warms my little heart to see a developer caring about their users. ;-)
There will probably be more posts about Remind and Wyrd in the future, since it is a new semester at school and these are really cool apps. BTW - Wyrd is pronounced 'wierd', as you can tell by watching the SWF help file the developer created.