Public vs. Private and being in the box
Recipe for insight:
  1. Small dash of headline news (no need to read all of it)
  2. Stir in heavy doses of new perspective on the cheap ($10)
  3. Simmer over time (a year or so on a back burner)
  4. When serving, instantly bring to a boil using circumstances from normal life and a desire for a fantastic meal
What if treating everything as public in essence made it easier to be out of the box? What if entering the box happened to be a natural defense - what if it's normal to jump in the box when you combine a private approach with a public situation?
If the above were even occasionally true, life in general could be improved. Recognizing that you are feeling the clash of private and public could help identify potential for being in the box.
Is now the right time to insert a cliche? Proper planning prevents poor performance!