I'm sorry, you can't be in charge anymore.
" . . . and then to require users to install the program on Linux and sit through the compile process . . . " is a heavy-handed but still valid paraphrasing of a comment by a representative of a well-known world-wide organization. In an attempt to stop my unintentional over-abuse of hyphenated descriptors let's just say, "I'm sorry, you can't be in charge anymore."
I had been involved in a question and answer period that followed a presentation from the aforementioned individual. This presentation had, as a main purpose, attempted to convince the viewers that this large organization was working hard to move into the 21st Century. Several of the technological adoptions were highlighted. Several of the future possibilities were hinted. Unfortunately my almost completed voting ballot was torn in half when the presenter exposed his incorrect understanding of the current state of Linux based operating systems.
At least some individuals are more in tune with current technology.
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